What's this all about?

What's this all about?

This newsletter exists because of a simple belief. If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to start changing the stories we tell ourselves. That doesn't mean ignoring bad news. It means finding as many opportunities as possible to celebrate progress for people and the planet when we find it.

Each week, we send more than 45,000 subscribers good news stories from around the world, in an effort to counteract the non-stop bombardment of stories about death, disaster, and division from traditional and social media. If you'd like to see a regularly updated list of our good news, you can find it at this link, or by clicking on the 'good news' tab above.

We also publish a more detailed version of this newsletter for paying subscribers, which contains stories about the clean energy revolution, mind-blowing breakthroughs in science and technology, and a profile of someone we think is worth knowing about. One third of our revenues from those subscriptions go directly to small charities using science and technology to make a real difference. You can sign up for a paid subscription over here, or by clicking on the 'subscribe' button above.

We report good news

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