Amy Rose
Amy Rose

Amy Rose

185 posts

225: Empire

What we learned from Season 1 of our podcast

224: Gigacasting

223: Alice Ring

222: Biocentrism

221: Tornado Hearted

220: Walden Porn

219: Glimmers

218: Nothing Compares

217: Honey & Vinegar

216: Unicorn Meat

215: Don't Hesitate

214: Gravity Hum

213: The Path to Happiness

212: Mantlecore

211: Double Ducks



208: Pangenome

Jose Andres

207: Universal Acts of Kindness

Pattie Gonia

206: Numinous Stranger

Nora Al Matrooshi

205: Hug Pylons, Not Trees

Dianna Beresford-Kroeger

204: Nose Print

Chu Thanh Ha

203: Aperiodic Monotile

202: The Heresy of Decline

Gidon Bromberg

201: The Ship Has Reached The Shore

Ola Abú Al Ghaib

200: The Rift

199: The Perfect Explosion

The White Helmets

198: The 13th Commandment

Melati and Isabel Wijsen

197: Toroidal

Marcelo Sous

196: Where Shamans Dream

India Logan-Rile

195: Density Is Not Destiny

Vedran Smailović

193: What Water Wants

Vadana Shiva

192: Quettabyte

Norbert Lehmann

191: Artemis

Sivendra Michael

190: A Good Day for Democracy

189: Stargate Printer

Jess Wade

188: Scuderia

Donald Varela Soto

187: The Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine

Teresu Hsu Chih

186: Silphion

Marjan Minnesma

185: Disconnection Event

Christine M’Lot

184: Stone Skipper

Charudutt Mishra

183: Middle Out Economics

Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton

182: Barreleye

Estela Matilde

181: Scruffy Hospitality

Damaris Matoke-Muhi

180: Pepper Shepherd

Tony Rinaudo

179: The Scent of God

Natalia Popova

178: The Dawn of Everything

Agatha Aboe

177: The Art of Maintenance

Alexandra Narváez and Alex Lucitante

176: Torpor

Noran Sanford

175: Tetraquark

Yuyun Ismawati

174: A Message From Deep Space

Merle Hoffman

173: Ouroborous Quine

Hikmet Kaya

172: The Kids Are Not Doomed

Myrtle Witbooi

171: Normothermic Perfusion Machine

Victor Steffensen

170: Dragonscale Solar

Benjamin Olorunfemi

169: Nemo's Garden

Yasmeen Lari

168: Tabula Sapiens

Ronni Abergel

167: Hyperaccumulator

Martha Isabel Ruíz Corzo

166: Earendel

Clementine Jacoby

165: Molecular Dissasembly Line

If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to change the stories we tell ourselves.

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