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We're a team of science communicators. Our mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and create a 21st century that works for people and the planet.

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Good News on Net Zero, Maternal Health in South East Asia, and Rhinos in Africa

Good News on Child Poverty, Leprosy and Conservation in California

Good News on Reproductive Rights in Mexico, Immunisation in Indonesia, and Conservation in Alaska

Good News on Poverty in Bangladesh, Ecosystems in Ecuador, and Indigenous Fire Practices in Australia

Good News on School Meals, Transit Solutions in the US, and Conservation in Ecuador

Good News on Endometriosis, Poverty in Mexico, and Indigenous Conservation In Canada

Good News on Breastfeeding, Trachoma in Iraq, and Golden Lion Tamarins in Brazil

Good News on Poverty in India, Democracy in the United States, and Land Restoration in China

Good News on AIDS, Big Cats in Africa and Clean Energy (Everywhere)

Good News On Trachoma Elimination, Human Rights in Mexico, and River Restoration in Spain

Good News on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Poverty in the US, and Seabird Conservation

Good News on Malaria in Belize, Crime in Mexico City, and Bison in Montana

Good News on Rubella in South East Asia, Human Rights in Estonia, and Animal Testing in Canada

Good News on Global Inequality, AIDS in South Africa and Giant Tortoises in the Galapagos

Good News on Global Stunting, Ocean Protection in Australia, and Wind and Solar in Europe

Good News on Global Homicide, Education in Sierra Leone and Solar in China

Good News on Trachoma in Benin and Mali, Deforestation in Brazil, and River Restoration in Paris

Good News on Poverty in Indonesia, Press Freedom in Fiji and Rhinos in Zimbabwe

Good News on Respiratory Diseases, Labour Rights in Bangladesh, and Conservation in Bolivia

Good News on Women's Rights in Uzbekistan, Conservation in Colombia, and River Restoration in Florida

Good News on Heart Disease in the United States, Democracy in Uruguay, and Nature Rights in Ecuador

Good News on Global River Restoration, Malaria in Kenya, and Teen Pregnancy in New Zealand

Good News on Nuclear Stockpiles, Ocean Protection in Chile, and Climate Change Exit Ramps

Good News on the Global Malaria Map, LGBTQ Warriors in Ukraine, and River Conservation in Albania

Good News on Maternal Mortality, a Treaty for the High Seas and the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest

Good News on Clean Water in Vietnam, Stunting in Indonesia, and Conservation in Ecuador

Good News on Human Rights in Spain, Prison Populations in the United States and Wildlife in Uganda

Good News on Maternal Health in India, Ocean Conservation in Canada, and Palm Oil

Good News on Tropical Diseases, Women's Rights in China and Miyawaki Forests in the Amazon

Good News on Child Mortality, Flamingos in Mumbai, and a National Monument 'Where Shamans Dream'

Good News on Global Democracy, Cancer in the USA and Rhinos in India

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2022

Good News on Measles, Inequality in America, and Mangrove Conservation

Good News on Tuberculosis in Tanzania, Crime in the United Kingdom, and Forests in Nepal

Good News on Global Smoking Rates, Elephant Conservation in Zimbabwe, and an Environmental U-Turn by Brazil

Good News on Democracy in the United States, Blindness in India, and River Restoration in Chile

Good News on Love in Mexico, Clean Transport in Oslo and Restoring the Seine

Good News on Clean Water, Rewilding in Spain, and Tipping Points for Renewables

Good News on Crime in the United States, Wetland Conservation in Argentina and Electric Vehicles in China

Good News on AIDS, Ocean Conservation in Indonesia, and Clean Air Zones in Spain

Good News on Measles in Southeast Asia, Conservation in the United States, and Solar in Europe

Good News on Global Teen Pregnancy, a Climate Bill for the United States, and Wolves in the Alps

Good News on Poverty in Cambodia, a New Universal Human Right, and Tigers in Nepal

Good News on AIDS in Botswana, Coal in the United States, and Ocean Conservation in Colombia

Good News on Malaria in India, Bullfighting in Mexico, and Global Offshore Wind

Good News on Human Rights in Spain, Solar in Vietnam, and Monarch Butterflies in North America

Good News on Ebola, Electric Trucks and a 'Super Reserve' in the UK

Good News on Poverty in Vietnam, Wind in Texas, and Funding for Ocean Conservation

Good News on Women's Rights in Indonesia, Germany's Easter Agreement, and Turtles in the Seychelles

Good News on Clean Stoves, Neonatal Tetanus, and Spotted Owls

Good News on Bilharzia, Clean Energy in Europe, and a Global Agreement on Plastics

162: Russian Warship, Go F*ck Yourself

161: Moon Trees

Good News on German Measles, Gray Wolves and Clean Energy Down Under

Good News on Guinea Worm, Divorce, Ivory and Tigers

Good News on Giraffes, Cancer, Child Marriage and Floating Wind

99 Good News Stories From 2021

Good News, 9th December 2021

Good News, 8th November 2021

No 152: Space Tacos

Good News, 16th October 2021

Good News, 2nd October 2021

No. 148: Rainbow Circles

Good News, 17th September 2021

Good News, 3rd September 2021

The Crunch No. 143: Belarusian Cyber Partisan

The Crunch No. 142: Pause

Good News, 2nd July 2021

Good News, 18th June 2021

The Crunch No. 138: Writhing Loop of Plasma

Good News, 21st May 2021

The Crunch No 136: Magic Box

The Crunch No. 135: Butterfly Effect

Good News, 9th April 2021

Good News, 26th March 2021

The Crunch No. 124: A Sleuth of Bears

Good News, 12th February 2021

The Crunch No. 123: Satanic Oreos

The Crunch No. 122: Fake News

Good News, 29th January 2021

The Crunch No. 121: Messy Tree of Life

The Crunch No. 120: Wormtongue Inc.

99 Good News Stories From 2020 You Probably Didn't Hear About

The Future Crunch 2020 Information Diet

FC119: Sistine Chapel of the Ancients

FC118: Multi-Generational Embryo

The Crunch: Weapons of Science

FC117: Sacred Corn

FC116: The Grandmother Hypothesis

Future Brunch, Episode 10: Ask Us Anything

FC115: Skin Hunger

FC114: And Now We Wait

FC113: Let Them Eat Dirt

FC112: Creativity's Dirty Secret

Future Brunch Episode 9, with Indigenous Astronomer, Kirsten Banks

FC111: The Very Last Scream Of Light

FC110: Involuntary Transatlantic Rafting Event

FC109: Dawn Of The Heliocene

FC108: The Board Is Your Brush

Future Brunch Episode 7, with Productivity Researcher, Anne-Laure Le Cunff

If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to change the stories we tell ourselves.

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