The Crunch No. 120

Wormtongue Inc., mysterious caves, the one-minute city, and good news on clean energy in Germany, women's rights in Argentina, child marriage in the Dominican Republic and a plastic ban in Mexico City.

The Crunch: Weapons of Science

Plus, good news on drilling in the Arctic, progress on malaria, terrorism, period poverty in Scotland, child poverty in the United States, air pollution in Europe, and ocean conservation.

FC117: Sacred Corn

Plus, why your brain is not for thinking, space gnomes, 3D-bioprinted hearts, and good news on global terrorism, period poverty in Scotland, and air pollution in Europe.

FC116: The Grandmother Hypothesis

Plus, time cells, bionic gloves, the best seed-saving story you'll ever hear, and good news on COVID-19 vaccines, elephantiasis, landmines in the Falklands, and a massive new reserve in the Atlantic Ocean.

FC115: Skin Hunger

Plus, the First Troll President, lab-grown chicken, close-up photography, uncanny vulvas, and good news on AIDS treatments, women's rights in the Middle East and turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.

FC113: Let Them Eat Dirt

Plus, the smallest boat on Earth, why China may have already peaked, digital public parks, and good news on tuberculosis, child marriage in Bangladesh and ocean conservation in Samoa.

FC107: 3D Damascus Steel

Plus, silent owl wings, giant mech warriors, big wave surfing, and good news on global inequality, hydrofluorocarbons, air pollution in China and re-wilding in Australia

FC105: Rice Cooker Voodoo

Plus, real conspiracies, zeppelins, quantum chemistry, and good news on global AIDS deaths, refugees in Germany and ocean conservation in Belize and the Seychelles.

FC101: We've Got Some Big News

Plus, Arctic code, a new CasĪ¦ for the CRISPR family, bird tracks in the sky, and good news on population growth, military spending, wildlife bans in Vietnam and woodland cover in the United Kingdom.

FC98: Talk Is Cheap

Plus, The Narrow Waist Of The Internet, Thomas Friedman is the worst (so are brains), and good news on FGM in Sudan, traffic deaths in the US and coal power in the UK.

FC92: A Decade of Vaccines

Plus, Kanye's Sunday Service, heartprints, AR contact lenses, the "Bohemian Rhapsody" of T-cells, and good news on Chinese birth rates, global fisheries and solar in Vietnam.

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